As a Doctor, don’t you wish the referral process was better?Have you ever referred a patient to a Doctor only for your patient to return because that Doctor’s waiting list was too long or their price too high or the Doctor does not do that specific treatment?

Or what if you’re the Doctor receiving the referral? Have you had to turn a patient away because they didn’t meet your criteria? Or what if you wanted to search for a new GP for your patient, one who bulk bills, where would you start your search?

This is where comes in. We see it as the new Refidex for your Doctor’s Office.

What’s the catch? Free? Only for a day right?


A account will always be free (though you must have an AHPRA number), and you will always be able to search our directory.

For those Doctors (Referral Receivers or GP’s) who want to display more info than just Name, Address & Number, then a subscription is required.

With a subscription, Doctors can add heaps more info to their listing. Information like: Specific Field of Expertise (Scope of Practice), Referral Pathway, Payment methods, Consultation Cost and lots more.

And the subscription cost is per Doctor. Large Doctor Networks won’t be able to ‘game’ the system for themselves.

We also don’t charge more to get listings on the top. You’re a professional, you know what you’re looking for.

Now go forth and find the Doctor your patient needs.