With more and more GP’s turning to GPReferral.com to find not only Doctors in their area, but those in Allied, Medicine & Other areas, it’s best to have up-to-date information about your practice in order to receive the best referrals from those GP’s
But the benefits don’t stop there. If you receive referrals and you have a patient who needs a new GP, where would you start your search?
With GPReferral.com, you can make that search easily and be the hero for your patient, or you can do it old fashioned way and make a few phone calls (because that doesn’t waste time…) or call to your colleague down that hall (because that’s professional..)

Forever Free
With a Forever Free account, you can search to your heart’s content…or your Doctor’s consent…

  • – Search Directory
  • – Filtered Search
  • – Proximity Search


*For Medical Professionals who work solely in the Public Health system, there will be no charge to use the Health Pro package.
That’s Right!! NO CHARGE!!
If that’s you, just register for a free account, snap a photo of your Public Health ID and send it to info (at) gpreferral.com and email us from the email that is registered on the site or tell us what it is.
After 1 business day or less, you’ll receive an email from us saying you’re all set, it’s that easy.